The Benefits of Buying and Wearing a Blue Zircon Stone

The Benefits of Wearing Blue Zircon Stone

Zircon is a beautiful stone and is highly sought after in the jewellery and collection sectors because of its brilliance and low cost. However, there are also some definite benefits of wearing Blue Zircon Stone for those that are interested in its mythological properties. Subsequently, we will do our best to explain the gemstones properties.

benefits of wearing blue zircon stone

The Mythology of Zircon

One of the key stories told amongst Hindu’s is a poem that talks of the Kalpa Tree, which was a gift from the gods. The glowing tree was said to be the ultimate tribute and it had leaves of Zircon and gemstone fruit which would bring great benefits to its users.

The name “Zircon” actually comes from a Persian word that means gold-coloured so it is likely that the ancients first saw gold/yellow zircon initially. However, the gemstone comes in a vast array of colours.

The middle ages also saw plenty of mythology develop around Zircon with it said that wearers would be aided in their sleep patterns as well as the stone attracting prosperity and wisdom to its venerable owner. In addition, Zircon has been well known as a pain reliever and appetite inducer and some wearers immediately notice deep and tranquil sleep at night.

Ultimately, Zircon seems to bring a sense of calm and peacefulness both within oneself and within the environment. This potentially brings plenty of benefits to wearers especially for people in high stress jobs like myself! I’ve often received reports that the crystals bring a sense of grounding for their owners and brings the spiritual energy down to lower chakras.

Zircon has been used in jewelry and associated wealth pieces for hundreds of years which is really no surprise given the amount of brilliance and fire that the stone exhibits. So Zircon has long been used as an exciting and appropriate alternative to diamonds and other expensive gemstones.

The Physical Properties of Blue Zircon

Never confuse blue zircons with cubic zirconia or any other man made junk because the gemstone forms naturally in the earth. Zircon comes in a wide array of different colours with the most sought after examples being Blue, Gold/Honey, and Red. Zircon is naturally formed with the base material zirconium silicate and the various colours are due to impurities entering the formation.

The gemstone is found in a variety of countries around the world but the best examples are coming out of Cambodia and Burma presently. These stones are typically lightly heated to give it the characteristic blue colour (if it’s a blue zircon that is!).

zircon benefits

The Scientific Attributes of Zircon

Zircon’s refractive index is 1.92 – 2.01 which is very high and explains its brilliant sparkle. This is typically checked in a refractometer by placing the stone on the table and reading the RI result.

Also, the Moh’s scale of hardness puts the stone right on the 7.5 mark which means it is relatively durable to scratching and good for use in jewelry. It also has a density of between 4.6 and 4.7 which is another identifying feature.

Finally, zircon has a tetragonal crystal structure which can be clearly seen under a microscope and is another of the key factors in making an identification of the gemstone.

There is also some biorefringence present in the high zircon examples and this normally brings a value of 0.036 – 0.059.

Zircon is also known for its unique absorption pattern which differs depending on its source. This is really quite useful in determining where the stone originated from given that the examples from Myanmar may show more than 40 lines during an absorption test whereas the Australian stones typically show very few lines at all. Additionally, heat treated stones typically show a diminished absorption spectrum.

Typical Zircon Treatments

As mentioned earlier in this guide, virtually all zircon is heat treated to some extent. In particular, the gemstones from Cambodia and Burma go through very light heating to produce the beautiful blue tones that we all love. Zircon typically comes out of the ground as brown so the light heating is industry accepted and enhances the blues.

Typical Zircon Gemstone Cuts

Zircon is cut in a variety of different ways but the past few years has seen an abundance of round cuts in almost a brilliant style but with an additional set of facets. This is often known as the ‘Zircon’ cut.  Additionally, standard oval cuts are also extremely common and fit quite well into a variety of jewellery pieces.

The prices of Blue Zircon

As always, specifying an actual price for a gemstone is difficult given that prices change in local markets. It also heavily depends on the clarity, size, and colour of the stone. Regardless, I will have a go at specifying a general range for you based on my experience in the U.S. market.

Assuming a Fine Color of Blue: vstgB 5/4

The 1 to 5 carat range starts at $35 a carat and goes all the way up to $250 a carat based on quality. The 5 carat plus range typically starts at $50/ct and rises to $260/ct. So there really isn’t a great change based on the size of the gem.

In particular, the Blue and the Red examples are perfect replacements for ruby and sapphire. Zircon certainly doesn’t have the depth of colour that those stones do but it is still beautiful and brilliant in its own right! So one of the the biggest benefits of wearing blue zircon stone is the exceedingly reasonable cost!


In conclusion, there are plenty of benefits of wearing blue zircon stone given both the metaphysical and physical properties of it. In particular, the wearer should consider these stones if they seek calmness and increased sleep and restfulness. Additionally, the optical properties of these crystals make them a fantastic addition to any form of jewelry or gemstone collection.

Ultimately, for the per carat price, you really cannot go wrong seeking out high quality Zircon for your next gemstone purchase and you will reap the benefits of wearing blue zircon stone.

We have a range of Zircon stones available in our store that have been tested and checked against our stringent criteria and are guaranteed to be genuine and natural gemstones.