Finding a London Blue Topaz Meaning

Topaz is a beautiful gemstone that has entranced people for generations.  It has a wide variety of colours and tones that make it a desirable addition to any collection. However, one colour in particular is the most sought after and that is the mythical London Blue Topaz. To determine a London blue topaz meaning we need to discuss its properties first.

The Origin of Topaz

Topaz has a reputation as a hearty stone which is found in many areas around the world. The main producing areas for the gem are Brazil, Afghanistan, Australia, Myanmar, China, Germany, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the USA. Typically the best, and largest crystals, come from Brazil which has been producing quality topaz for decades.

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Identifying Features of London Blue Topaz

Topaz is a very hard stone, 8.0 on the Moh’s scale, so it makes a fantastic gem for use in jewellery. The biggest difference from other stones is its crystalline structure which is orthorhombic. Topaz also exhibits some weak florescence which makes it easy to separate from stones like chrysoberyl.  Topaz also has perfect cleavage which means that, despite its hardness, it can be broken along the cleavage line.

Topaz also shows pleochroism which is basically a fancy word for multiple colours in the one stone. When your move London Blue Topaz around in the light you will often see different shades and tones because the gemstone is dichroic.

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Typical Topaz Treatments

I will attempt to try and stay away from the technical stuff here but the reality is that there are many traps for the unwary buyer on the market today. Citrine and smoky quartz are often marketed as Topaz but the reality is they have a different RI value. So be very careful when buying the gemstone online from an unchecked source. Ebay can be monumentally risky for purchases like these!

Potential treatments for Topaz include irradiation, heat, and titanium dioxide coatings. All of these treatments are perfectly fine as long as they have been disclosed during the buying process. In particular, irradiation is relatively common in blue topaz and is safe and accepted and helps to enhance the perfect blue colour that we all look for in these gemstones.

The most insidious treatment for the unaware is the applying of a coating to the stone. Titanium Dioxide is typically used to coat the outside of the stone to change its colour. This is fine if advised but be aware that these coatings are not permanent and degrade over time. I would personally advise against buying ANY stone with coatings present.

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The Mythology and Metaphysical Healing Powers of London Blue Topaz

Topaz has long been seen to have mystical powers by many cultures. The Greeks actually believed it to be an incredibly powerful stone that would give extra strength to the holder. In fact, they also believed that it could induce invisibility for the warrior class to avoid injuries in battle. The Romans also took a strong view of the stone and associated it with Ra the sun god. In Indian Culture, Topaz is believed to have the effect of improving communication and opening up the “Throat Chakra”. In addition, Blue Topaz is the birthstone for December and is regularly used for jewelry with a view to instilling the wearer with the above mystical properties.

London Blue Topaz Meaning

However, finding a London Blue Topaz meaning requires a more existential view. The stone itself colour changes due to the pleochroism and this is often seen as a statement on the wearer’s mood. So it could be said that the stone predicts your mood at any given point. In particular, the deep colour tone of London Blue implies that the holder remains cool under pressure but is a deeply complex person.

This specific shade of Topaz is also seen to have the ability to calm the mind whilst enhancing mental growth. It encourages the wearer to work hard and focus which, in turn, typically leads to success in life. From a metaphysical perspective, there are plenty of benefits to wearing this fantastic gemstone. The metaphysical property of stones is relatively new to me so I hope I helped you find a london blue topaz meaning in this section.

Cleaning and Care of Topaz

If you go ahead with seeking out a London Blue or Swiss Blue Topaz, which I really recommend you do, you need to be aware of how to keep it clean. As mentioned, Topaz has perfect cleavage which means you can split the gemstone with a sharp single blow. So although the gem has great hardness it is prone to fracturing.

To clean you’re your Topaz gemstone simply use warm soapy water and a soft cloth and remove any external dirt and grime. I would also advocate avoiding the use of ultra-sonic cleaners because they can damage stones and simply using soapy water does the job anyway.

Finally, if you are heading off for a workout at the gem…do yourself a favour and remove your jewelry. Gym bars damage rings and stones and so they are best left at home or removed and kept in a locker so that they are not damaged.

The GIA actually has a great page on Topaz listed here: GIA Topaz

Value and Pricing of London Blue Topaz

Pricing gemstones sight unseen is incredibly difficult because it is nearly impossible to judge the 4 C’s from afar. In addition, prices change between local markets so my pricing guide might not be accurate in your country. So with that warning here is my view on the price of London Blue Topaz:

Top Colour: vslgB, gB 5/5

London Blue Topaz

.5 to 1 carat – $10 to $27/ct

1 carat plus – $15 to $25/ct


I hope that this article has helped you in finding a london blue topaz meaning. Topaz is a fantastic stone and great value for what you get. If you are looking at a custom jewelry piece or starting a gemstone collection then this is the perfect stone to start with. We have some great examples of all sorts of Topaz colours in out collection here so why not take a look at our shop.