Fantastic Loose Peridot Gemstones Pair 3.0 cts – Oval Cut 8x6mm


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This sparkly, deep olive, pair of loose peridot gemstones really exhibit everything that we love above these stones. They display a rich olivine-green colour, along with good clarity, cut and some sparkly life which really brings the gemstones to life. This is really a beautiful matched pair which would really lend themselves to either earrings or an accented ring and I could definitely see them being accented by some beautiful little diamonds.

Gemstone Details

Clarity: Eye clean (VS)

Shape: Oval cut

Make: Excellent

Symmetry: Excellent

Treatment: No visible enhancements

Peridot Basics

Peridot is one of the very few gemstones that occur only in an olive-green color which makes them a fairly sought after piece for jewelry especially given that gem quality peridot is relatively rare. Also, they are often mistaken for emeralds because of their sparkly luster and striking color. Peridot occurs in a variety of sizes with the largest known specimen being 310 carats which is actually kept at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. They are a relatively hard stone and therefore are great for most forms of jewelry given their wear-ability. The loose peridot gemstones for sale come all the way from mines in the Pakistan region and we go to great lengths to source quality gems for use in the jewelry trade and to collectors. For more information take a look at the GIA’s excellent page on Peridot

Note The Very Facets That Create The Beautiful Sparkle In A Gemstone May Create Optical Illusion White Or Dark/Black Spots And Areas, Or Uneven Coloring When A Gemstone Is Photographed. Single Dimension Photographs Can Not Accurately Display The True Beauty And Life In A Gemstone. Gemstones Must Be Seen In Person To Be Appreciated.

Note: Be Sure To Select The Right Gemstone/Diamond By Millimeter Size Only. Selecting Your Gemstone/Diamond By Carat Weight Is Not Accurate.

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