10 ct Rainbow Moonstone 10x5mm Marquise

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10 Carats of Moonstone with a sheen and shine that would be perfect for incorporating into any bag or necklace.

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Total Weight: 10cts
*Approximate average weight per stone: 1.07cts
Shape: Marquise
Measurements: 10x5mm
Colour/Colour Range: White with blue flash
Clarity/Clarity Range: Opaque
Treatments/Enhancements: HPHT or Equivilant

Please Note: Pictures are of the entire parcel of Rainbow Moonstone, the original parcel weight was 179cts, the purchase is for 10 of the parcel which will be a ‘scoop’ from the parcel. We are sorry, but no selection/high grading is possible as there is a large premium on high grading.

*Item sold by weight, you will receive a minimum of 10cts, the stone count may vary from parcel to parcel.