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Returned from Bangkok With a Haul of Semi Precious Stones!

So after an exhausting few weeks of splitting my time between Thailand and Myanmar I am finally safely arrived back in New Zealand. Travel is always taxing, for lots of reasons, and this sourcing trip was no different. I spent most of my time shuttling between the Bangkok Jewelry Trade Center (JTC), Chantaburi, and Myanmar and I’ve come back with some wonderful semi precious stones purchases. However, it’s likely going to take me a few weeks to get all of the gemstones photographed and up on the website available for purchase so please bear with me!

fantastic almandine garnet semi precious stones

Travelling to Thailand always really takes it out of me given that the flight typically lasts around 11 hours from Auckland. I’m just starting to get to the age where long haul really kills me and economy class is even worse! So there is definitely an adjustment period when I hit the ground and have to get used to not only the speed of precious stone trading but also the heat and the food!

Anyway, this was a relatively successful trip for me and I managed to locate a pigeon blood red untreated ruby for a client commission. I also located a bunch of great deals of which I will be posting to the site as available in the coming days. However, here are a few samples:

Peridot Semi Precious Stones

high quality peridot stones sourced from pakistan.

This Peridot really sparkles and without a doubt my camera skills, or lack thereof!, really do not do them any form of justice. They are nicely sized ovals and would be perfect in earrings or even an accented ring. Peridot has always been a stone that I have found to be hit or miss with some of them showing lots of inclusions and an oily inky clarity. However, these examples are really nice and I intend to be passing them on at a very reasonable price shortly.

I also managed to find some excellent examples of beautiful dark London Blue Topaz. These gems are typically in fairly high demand in the jewelry and collectors sector so they really were a good buy. The cut is fantastic and the clarity and saturation was spot on for what I was looking for. Topaz is typically irradiated as a safe and stable treatment these days and natural blue is very rare and typically not worth the price. In addition, London Blue brings with it a premium and they are always in demand so every trip I seek out good deals on these stones!

London Blue Topaz Gemstones

london blue topaz semi precious gem stones available for immediate purchase

London Blue Topaz Auckland

I also managed to pick up some very nicely cut Amethyst semi precious stones in the Bangkok JTC for the right price. Amethyst is always a tricky one to buy because it’s a cheaper gem and therefore normally doesn’t get the same attention with cutting processes. So you can see some really uneven facets sometimes. However, these were a great pick up and had very nice cuts to them with a light purply, almost rose de menthe, saturation to them.

We also have some fantastic London Blue Princess Cut Topaz available for immediate delivery in our online store.

Amethyst Semi Precious Stones

Amethyst New Zealand

Anyway, they are just a tiny sample of the gems which I managed to pickup during the trip and I look forward to testing, cataloging, and listing them for sale on the site in the coming weeks. As always, any questions please feel free to ask!

Merry Xmas


P.S For those that interested in the field of gemology I heartily recommend the GIA’s suite of training and education courses.